About Carriage Shed

Carriage Shed is a unique semi-covered event space with events taking place throughout the year. Providing the very best in city centre entertainment, this flexible location is utilised for everything from open-air theatre to art installations to markets. 

Carriage Shed is located in City Place, the new Central Business District scheme in Chester setting the standard for office space with stunning architecture, modern design and a focus on sustainability. 


Historic Chester

The history of Chester is punctuated by Roman and Medieval development which has remained in the city and presents opportunities to view old ruins first hand.

Chester’s history stretches back to the Romans nearly 2,000 years ago to AD79, when the Roman fortress called Deva was built. The fortress was one of three important Roman military fortresses and sections of the old fortress are still visible in the town today. 

In addition to Roman remains, Chester is also home to other marks of the past, including the Saxon walls that are still present today and herald Chester’s diverse history. William the Conqueror ordered a castle built to dominate the town and the nearby Welsh border – the success of this is still up for discussion. However, Chester proved to be an important town for the medieval period and continued to develop into the most walled city in Britain.

Moving into the industrial revolution, Chester was part of the extensive canal and rail network developed in this period. As well as the beautiful black and white buildings being constructed Chester developed into a vibrant and exciting town. Carriage Shed will now be part of Chester’s modern day history and serve as a landmark to the historic town it sits in.


Future Plans

The future plans for City Place can be found here.

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